There is but one way which leadeth to life, which is strait and narrow…beset with thorns and dangers all around, and is found by few.

Fear not the exalted position of any man, nor despise his humbleness.

We seek and desire only that we might point the whole world (which lieth in wickedness) to the true way, and that many souls may by the Word of the Lord, through His help and power, be won from the dominion of Satan and brought to Christ.

If you be the temple of the Lord, then you must be submissive unto your High Priest.

Without [Christ Jesus] there is no help for our souls, no reconciliation nor peace; but disgrace, wrath and eternal death.

I seek and desire from my heart nothing (this He knows who knows all things) but that the glorious name, the divine will and the praise of our Lord Jesus Christ may be made known throughout the world.

We do not boast of our holiness and piety… but of our great weakness.

Our frailty is great, our stumblings are many, and we feel with Paul, that nothing good dwells in our flesh.

I can neither teach nor live by the faith of others. I must live by my own faith, as the Spirit of the Lord has taught me, through his word.

We miserable sinners pray thee to…enable us rightly to know the power of thy covenant, that thou art ours, and we are thine.

Our weapons are not swords and spears, but patience, silence and hope, and the word of God.

Let us examine ourselves, that we may learn to know our own ailings, and knowing them, die unto them.

This is my only joy and the desire of my heart, that I may extend the borders of the kingdom of God, make known the truth, reprove sin, teach righteousness, feed the hungry souls with the Word of the Lord, lead the stray sheep into the right path, and win many souls for the Lord through His Spirit, power and grace.

O Lord, O dear Lord, grant to Thy poor little flock that it may not be entirely swallowed up by the wrathful dragon, but that we by Thy grace may through patience overcome through the sword of Thy mouth and may leave an ever abiding seed which shall keep Thy commandments, preserve Thy testimony and forever praise Thy great and glorious name. Amen, dear Lord, Amen.

John saw the Babylonian woman ‘drunken with the blood of the saints and with the blood of the martyrs of Jesus.'” – Yea, my reader, this is the real work and way of Antichrist’s church that she hates, persecutes and kills with the sword those whom she can not enchant with the golden cup of her abominations.

The pure word of God and the teaching of the Holy Spirit cannot be pointed out and taught by servants who are unclean and carnal.

O, that… all the men of this world would satisfy themselves with the plain, humble teaching of Jesus Christ and his apostles.

Dear Lord, there is no way but thou alone; all who walk through thee will find the gates of life.

If Christ…had to suffer…torture, anguish, misery and pain, how shall his servants…expect peace and freedom from suffering while in the flesh?