catherine_boothIf Christ cannot supersede the Law, then I am lost, and lost for ever.

I don’t believe in any religion apart from doing the will of God.

We are made for larger ends than Earth can encompass. Oh, let us be true to our exalted destiny.

If we are to better the future we must disturb the present.

The Gospel that represents Jesus Christ, not as a system of truth to be received, into the mind, as I should receive a system of philosophy, or astronomy, but it represents Him as a real, living, mighty Savior, able to save me now.

‘The more you lead me up to Christ in all things, the more highly shall I esteem you, and if it be possible to love you more than I do now, the more shall I love you.’
(In a love-letter to William)

Many do not recognize the fact as they ought, that Satan has got men fast asleep in sin and that it is his great device to keep them so. But if we awake the sleeping sinner he will gnash on us with his teeth.

He may not be able to put together two sentences of the Queen’s English, but if he can say that he has been born again, if he can say “once I was blind but now I see”, he will do for The Salvation Army.

Cast off all bonds of prejudice and custom, and let the love of Christ, which is in you, have free course to run out in all conceivable schemes and methods of labour for the souls of men.

The curse, of this age especially, is unbelief, frittering the real meaning of God’s word away, and making it all figure and fiction.

I know not what He is about to do with me, but I have given myself entirely into His hands.

What the Lord wants is, that you shall go about the business to which He sets you, not asking for an easy post, nor grumbling at a hard one.