Blacknwhiteface (2)Welcome to, a new blog where both thoughts and quotes find shelter.  My name is Pastor Bryan Lowe, and I am a Christian, a simple disciple, and a determined blogger. And I love quotes, good ones which cause you to stop and soak in something eternal for a moment. I have created this site to help fill a need I see.  There are a lot of “quote” sites, tens of thousands.  But I there is still a need for a quote site with a decisive Christian approach, something that believers can use to encourage and edify.

The authors are very diverse christians. They are ancient and modern. They may even have a theological bias or two. All I can do is take them for what they are. Many of them, now walk with Jesus in heaven (and they now know better.)

I intend to rely on you, to collect the quotes that you send me.  Quotes that mean something substantial.  Send me them, I will edit and post so others can see, and think about.  Call me an optimist, but I anticipate believers contributing a great deal.

It may take some time to build and gel this particular vision.  But I’m thinking that it will happen sooner then we think.  I hope you can think of this site as your site.  The power of quotes, infused with wisdom and grace and personal insight can really be potent.  I hope this site will direct, inspire and lead us to a deeper awareness of our mutual faith.


Kyrie eleison.

ybic, Bryan