God uses prisons to train people for future roles of leadership or martyrdom.   Chuck Colson

A man who wants to lead the orchestra must turn his back on the crowd.   Max Lucado

Dwight L. Moody once said that he would rather put a thousand men to work than do the work of a thousand men.   Oswald Sanders

A leader will seldom say, “I don’t have the time.” Such an excuse is usually the refuge of a small-minded and inefficient person. Each of us has the time to do the whole will of God for our lives.   Oswald Sanders

A spiritual leader will first and foremost, have a calling from God. His work will not be his profession, but his calling.    Zac Poonen

Experience has taught me that the Shepherd is far more willing to show His sheep the path than the sheep are to follow. He is endlessly merciful, patient, tender, and loving. If we, His stupid and wayward sheep, really want to be led, we will without fail be led. Of that I am sure.   Elisabeth Elliot

Spiritual leadership is knowing where God wants people to be and taking the initiative to get them there by God’s means in reliance on God’s power.   John Piper

Servanthood does not nullify leadership; it defines it. Jesus does not cease to be the Lion of Judah when He becomes the lamblike servant of the church.   John Piper

A leader must have a servant’s heart. And if he has a servant’s heart, he will act like a servant and react like a servant when he is treated like a servant.   Wayne Mack

According to [the Bible], a leader is first and foremost a servant. His concern is not for himself; his concern is not to give orders, to boss other people around, to have his own way. His concern is to meet the needs of others.   Wayne Mack

We must truly serve those whom we appear to command; we must bear with their imperfections, correct them with gentleness and patience, and lead them in the way to heaven.   Francois Fenelon

He that serves God for money will serve the devil for better wages.   Roger L’Estrange

The chief occupational hazard of leadership is pride.   John Stott

The authority by which the Christian leader leads is not power but love, not force but example, not coercion but reasoned persuasion. Leaders have power, but power is safe only in the hands of those who humble themselves to serve.    John Stott

To convert somebody go and take them by the hand and guide them.    Thomas Aquinas

Nobody is fit to be a leader unless he would rather be a follower instead of a leader.    Jack Hyles

A true and safe leader is likely to be one who has no desire to lead, but is forced into a position of leadership by the inward pressure of the Holy Spirit and the press of the external situation.   A.W. Tozer

Many a church thinks it needs a new pastor when it needs the same pastor renewed.   Vance Havner
It is very rare for the spirituality of a group of Christians to exceed that of its leaders.   John Benton
When a general gets too far ahead of his troops, he’s often mistaken for the enemy.   Author Unknown

We cannot sit back and wait for the sheep to lead. A few will, but by and large they are looking to us for direction, feeding, and leadership by our stepping out courageously in faith.   Curtis C. Thomas

Many of us wish we had an apostle Paul to travel with, not realizing how much the leader also needs the close follower.   Jim Wilson

A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.   John C. Maxwell

Real leaders would rather follow.   Jack Hyles

The wise follower will want to build strong leaders.   Jack Hyles

Teach in thy church, not to get the applause of the people, but to set in motion the groan; the tears of the hearers are thy praises.   Jerome
They forget that elders, as Christ’s undershepherds, must also stand to minister to the saints; they must walk (and sometimes run) to seek Christ’s wandering sheep; they must kneel daily to lift up the flock before the throne of grace in prayer.   Lawrence R. Eyres
When God’s sheep are in danger, the shepherd must not gaze at the stars and meditate on “inspirational” themes. He is morally obliged to grab his weapon and run to their defense.   A.W. Tozer
A holy calling will not save an unholy man.   Richard Baxter
The local church is the most complicated and sophisticated organism in the world. It is one thing to lead a group of people who depend upon the organization for livelihood. It is quite another to motivate a group when 99 percent are volunteers!   Ted W. Engstrom
Leadership training cannot be done on a mass scale. It requires patient, careful instruction and prayerful, personal guidance over a considerable time. Disciples are not manufactured wholesale. They are produced only one by one, because someone has taken the pains to disciple, to instruct and enlighten, to nurture and train one that is younger.    Oswald Sanders

A popular definition of leadership is that it is the art or science of getting things done through people.   Ted W. Engstrom

The leader is only able to lead others because he has conquered himself and in turn has been conquered by Christ.   Ted W. Engstrom

To move men, the leader must be able to prevail upon God   Ted W. Engstrom

The Christian leader has a will totally willing at all times to will the will of God.   Author Unknown

Leadership may be defined as the ability…to develop other people’s maximum potential for their own works of service in the body of Christ.   Derek Prime and Alistair Begg

[Leadership is] knowing where God wants people to be and taking the initiative to get them there by God’s means in reliance on God’s power.   John Piper

The effectiveness of leadership is measured in terms of influence. When you see someone’s influence reflected so profoundly in the lives of other people, you have identified someone who is by definition a leader.   John MacArthur

It is no commendation of our leadership if everything collapses when we are not there or when the time comes for us to leave.   Derek Prime and Alistair Begg

The Church of Jesus Christ does not progress beyond the spiritual progress of its leaders.   Derek Prime and Alistair Begg

No man, however gifted and devoted, is indispensable to the work of the kingdom.   Oswald Sanders

Pastors are sinners. They have weaknesses and faults just like church members. This is not to say that they are not to live as an example to the flock (1 Peter 5:3) and are not to have met certain moral qualifications (1 Timothy 3:1-7; Titus 1:5-9). But we must be realistic about their sinful nature. They will continually do battle with the old nature which is still part of their lives, and will do so as long as they live. Total victory over sin will not be won in this life. Sanctification will take place; victories will occur; bad habits and sins will be overcome – but there will be many battles to fight until the day of glory… Remember that your pastor and his family constantly live in a fishbowl for all the church to see – and sometimes the sight is not going to be particularly attractive. They are humans also!   Curtis C. Thomas

When I submit to the leaders God places over me, I do so not in trust of them, but in trust of God who placed them. My trust is not that they will always make the right decisions, but rather, that God is able to work in their hearts and in my life even in their mistakes. The bottom line of submission on every level is not “Can I trust this leader,” but “Can I trust God to work in, through, and in spite of this leader?”   Eddie Rasnake